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We engineer migraine solutions that yield businesses results. Strengthen company culture, increase productivity, and fuel growth with an Avulux empowered workforce.

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The health and productivity of your workforce is essential for your business' success. Yet, migraine remains an invisible issue...

Over 1 billion people in the world have migraine disease.
(Global Burden of Disease Study)

157,000,000 workdays are lost to migraine annually in the USA.
(Migraine Research Foundation)

Fujitsu surveyed their 150,000 employees and found that they spend an average of USD $350 million per year on migraine related costs and lost productivity.
(New York Times)

We spent 8 years engineering a solution for you.

Avulux Migraine Glasses are classified as a Class I Migraine Medical Device in 32 countries

In Canada, The U.K., and the E.U.

3 independent clinical trials showed:

90% effective migraine treatment

90% of Avulux Wearers Find Significant Relief

Clinical trials showed that Avulux wearers were able to manage their migraine symptoms enough so they could continue with their daily lives.

74% of users no longer need migraine medication

74% of Avulux wearers no longer need to take meds

Study subjects were able to manage their migraine symptoms without taking additional migraine medication.

Here's how we'll help you empower your workforce with avulux

We create a custom Avulux pilot program for your business.

We give your pilot employees Avulux migraine glasses for 30 days.

You measure your employee well-being and productivity.

We'll video conference you after your 30-day trial to discuss your results.

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The Avulux Promise

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See What You Can Truly Achieve

Use Avulux as a tool to take command. We want you to experience your workforce's full potential.

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Your People Are Unique

People are what make businesses great. We care about your success as much as you do.

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60 Day Money Back Guarantee

Relief is relative. If Avulux migraine glasses doesn't bring your business results -- return them for a refund.

Before Avulux

  • Employees with migraines come into work while they're unwell. This impacts performance, the employee psychologically, coworkers, and operations.
  • Thousands, if not millions, of dollars spent yearly on healthcare costs and lost productivity.
  • You're losing productivity hours to migraine year after year.

After Avulux

  • You're proactively helping your employees manage their migraine disease.
  • Your employees are thankful for your investment in them, they physically feel better, and they excel to their potential.
  • Let us help you unlock a chunk of your workforce's potential: For every 10k employees you can take back 100,000 productivity hours annually.
Receive our migraine productivity impact analysis tool to analyze your business.

See What People Have to Say About Avulux Migraine Glasses

I wish I had these glasses at every surgical facility I work at so that I can treat these patients noninvasively instead of using drugs to get rid of the migraines after they set in... I have seen many revolutionary changes in medicine but to have a treatment for migraines that is noninvasive, non-addictive, no side effects and the cost is a one-time cost versus a recurring expense is just truly amazing.

Dr. Gary Hindin

Chief of Anesthesia at Greater Florida Anesthesiologists

The glasses are like adding aloe to a nasty burn. They feel so soothing to my eyes as soon as I put them on. On a few occasions I didn’t even need to take my abortive medications, I wore my Lilu’s all day instead and by the evening the attack was gone. I was really surprised and excited that I could forego my abortive meds since they make me so sleepy and nonfunctional...I definitely recommend Avulux to anyone who lives with Migraine.

Erica Carrasco

Achy Smile